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Tell the world about you and your company, your products, services and technology so people can make informed decisions.

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Once you schedule your interview with Classworx you are taking the first step to sharing your latest news updates and company information with people Live on Zoom. This environment gives the attendees a sense of being on the inside. Contact us today to Schedule you interview with Classworx.

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What's Holding You Back?

1. Build Trust and Loyalty With Shareholders.

With a Live Zoom interview people can get to know you quicker than a traditional news release.

2. Your Interview can be insightful.

With so many people limited to access to CEOs and Presidents of companies they own shares in doing a Live Zoom interview with Classworx breaks down some of those barriers.

3. Tell A Commercial Free Story With ClassWorx

Classworx interviews are conducted by the host and the President or CEO or someone else from the company. Attendees do not participate.

Still Have Questions

1. How long is the interview?

Most interviews last approximately 25 minutes.

2. How many questions are there?

There is typically 4 questions prepared and as the discussion takes place other questions arise and are asked.

3. Can we use the interview Video once it's live?

Yes. The interview gets posted to Youtube and you have access to it there. We can also send you the original file.

Interview Instructors ClassWorx

Share your updates with your shareholders.

Having an interview on Classworx can change the perception of what people may have thought about you, your company or your products and services. A good interview is very tangible.

1. Get it out there

Once the Interview is scheduled invite your shareholders, announce the date and time.

2. Build Trust

By being available and answering questions you can build trust with your shareholders.

3. Do the Interview

Keep your shareholders informed.

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